After General Motors recalled over 2 million faulty ignition switches, less than half have been fixed. GM has gone to social media to encourage drivers to get their cars fixed. The longer the vehicles are on the road, there is an increased chance for something negative to happen.

GM says many people throw out recall notices. It is very important to take them seriously and have your dealer fix the issue at hand.

To check your vehicle for any recalls, take the VIN number off the bottom left side of the windshield or off the driver's side door frame and type into any search engine. You will see all the information regarding your vehicle: make, model, year, any recalls, etc...

If there is a recall, be sure to call your dealership so they will have the part in stock when you come in for your appointment. Take your vehicle to your local dealer and have them repair the issues for no charge.

If you go to have the repair fixed and find that you already paid for it to be done in the past because you were not aware of the recall or the recall had not been announced, you can provide proof of the transaction and you will be reimbursed.

It is very important to protect yourself and your family and friends by getting the recalled parts replaced. Do not hesitate to get issues resolved if you become aware of a recall.

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