However understanding and friendly they may seem, insurance adjusters and the companies who employ them are out to make money. They want to protect their own bottom line even when it comes at the expense of injury victims who both need and deserve compensation.
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Insurance companies will try any number of tactics to reduce their own liability, and one common approach is to delay or ignore a legitimate claim. This can be upsetting and frustrating for injury victims and their families, but victims do have rights and an experienced attorney can help protect those rights.

Why do insurance companies delay claims?

There are a number of reasons why an insurance company will ignore or delay a claim, and all of them aim reduce the amount of money they may have to eventually pay to an injury victim. An insurance carrier may employ this tactic in hopes that:
  • The injury victim will simply give up and fail to pursue the claim.
  • They can investigate and find information that can shift blame onto the victim.
  • As times passes, the severity of the injuries will decrease, as will the damages.
  • While pursuing the claim, the victim will make further statements that will indicate his own responsibility for the situation.

How do insurance companies delay claims?

The state of South Carolina requires that a claim is paid in a “prompt and reasonable” amount of time, given the specifics of the claim. It’s true that some claims are complicated and may take time to investigate, evaluate, and negotiate. However, in other cases, victims and their families find it pretty clear that they are being ignored or given a runaround. An insurance company may be delaying or ignoring a claim by:
  • Requesting unnecessary information
  • Requesting information that has already been provided
  • Stating they did not receive notice of the claim or other paperwork
  • Failing to provide an investigator to examine the situation
  • Alleging that a claim simply hasn’t been examined due to time constraints or workload
  • Failing to return phone calls

A Myrtle Beach Attorney Can Help Protect Injury Victims’ Rights

The insurance business seems straightforward: consumers pay their premiums on time, and in return, the insurance company provides compensation when an accident or injury occurs. Insurance companies have a duty to hold up their end of the bargain, and when they don’t, this is called acting in bad faith.
Injury victims deserve to have their voices heard and have their claims processed in a timely manner. At times, your recovery and your future depend on it. An experienced lawyer can help ensure that a claim is not ignored or unfairly delayed. Having navigated this system before and negotiated with these insurers, an attorney understands how the process works, where the pitfalls may be, and how to get the attention of the insurance company. Our attorneys can:

Manage Paperwork 

Insurance claims can be complicated, and the process can require a significant amount of documentation and other paperwork. Insurance companies will use any failure to provide appropriate paperwork to further delay or even deny a claim. An attorney can manage this task, making sure that all the necessary items are ready to go. 

Make Appropriate Phone Calls 

Anyone who has ever called an insurance company knows how frustrating a job it can be. A lawyer knows who to talk to and what needs to be said to be heard. He can ease this burden on injury victims while they focus on their recovery. 

Pursue a Bad Faith Claim When Necessary 

At times, an insurance company is simply acting in a manner that is against South Carolina law. It can be necessary to file a legal action against them when they act in bad faith. Insurance law is complex, but an experienced attorney knows when the time has come to hold an insurance company accountable for failing to uphold their duty.

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