Teach Your Child What to Do After a Myrtle Beach Car Accident

Car accidents can be frightening for new drivers. They are suddenly in scary adult situations that are new to them. However, they don't have to handle the aftermath of a car accident alone. Instead, they can have their parent and a Myrtle Beach car accident lawyer guide them every step of the way.

If your child calls you from the car accident scene, encourage your child to take the following steps.

1. Call the Police

Your child may be worried about getting in trouble. Reassure your child that the police will come to investigate the car accident, make sure everyone gets medical treatment, and help all of the car accident victims. Your child should call you and the police even before contacting a car accident attorney.

2. Gather Evidence

Evidence is critical to most car accident claims. If your child is physically able to take action, your child will want to take photos of the car accident scene, get the names and addresses of auto accident witnesses, get the name, address, and phone number of the other drives and the name of the other driver's insurance company. Together, this evidence will help identify the at fault party and protect your child's right to recover compensation in a car accident case.

3. Contact the Insurance Company

Your child should notify your insurance company of the accident. However, they shouldn't give insurance adjusters any details other than the date and location of the crash and the name of their Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer. 

4. Call an Experienced Myrtle Beach Car Accident Lawyer

An experienced car accident attorney can take all the guesswork out of what your child should do after a Myrtle Beach car accident. We will guide your child from the first phone call through the car accident claim and a personal injury lawsuit if a lawsuit is necessary.

A car accident attorney can determine who was liable for the accident and, if appropriate, fight for your child's fair compensation of past and future medical bills, lost income, out-of-pocket costs, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

If your child is intimidated about calling the police, the insurance company, or a Myrtle Beach car accident attorney, you can make the calls on your child's behalf and guide them every step of the way.

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