Truck owner or leasing company.

Whether the truck is owned by a trucking company or by another party, the owner is responsible for keeping the truck in safe operating condition. If your wreck was fully or partially caused by a mechanical system failure (brakes, lights, steering, etc.), the owner bears responsibility.

Mechanic or repair service.

If your accident was fully or partially due to faulty repair, whoever serviced the truck before your wreck could be liable.

Vehicle or parts manufacturer.

If the cause of your crash can be traced to a defective truck part, the truck manufacturer or the manufacturer of the part might be at fault for your wreck.

Cargo workers.

If the delivery truck that hit you was improperly loaded, and the unstable load caused handling problems that resulted in the truck’s striking your vehicle, whoever loaded the truck bears some responsibility for your damages.

Filing claims against or suing multiple defendants gives you more than one source of potential compensation and increases your chances of receiving a fair award if the driver or trucking company does not have sufficient insurance coverage for all your damages.

On the other hand, filing claims or lawsuits against multiple defendants, each of whom might have a different insurer, can be a legally complex and difficult process.

Help Your Attorney to Help You

If you’re physically able to do so after a crash with a delivery truck in North Charleston, you can protect your damages claim by taking the following steps at the scene of the accident: Stay at the scene, call 911, and report the crash, so that law enforcement can come and make an accident report; take photos of the truck and your car, focusing on damage and license plates; exchange information with the truck driver, but don’t argue or discuss the accident; get contact information from any witnesses to the crash; note the presence of nearby security cameras; seek medical attention as soon as possible even if you don’t feel you’re seriously injured; inform your insurance company of the wreck; and consult a truck accident lawyer.

Have You Been Injured in a South Carolina Truck Accident Caused by a Delivery Truck?

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