Discuss Potential Damages

Damages that could be owed to you by the insurance company for the truck driver or trucking company include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. It's important to understand what may be recovered if you pursue a legal claim. Each case is unique, and damages will vary depending on the facts of your case.

Evaluate The Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Case

During the evaluation, we can tell you about our record of success with insurance company claims involving truck accidents and provide an idea of how successful the case may be. For the accident victim, some claims may simply not be worth pursuing.

Offer Possible Steps Forward 

While a victim is under no obligation to decide how to proceed in the initial meeting, our attorney may offer ideas as to the next steps for your claim. If the attorney feels that you do not have a legal claim against the truck driver or trucking company, he will let you know that, as well.

What a Charleston Truck Accident Attorney Will Expect From You

For the most effective consultation, it's important for you, as the accident victim, to be prepared. Our team will have a few expectations of you during the consultation. We have a great deal of experience with truck accidents, but to get the most out of the consultation, we suggest that you do the following. 

Be Honest

Be honest and open. A lawyer cannot be successful or effective if they do not have truthful information regarding your accident. Be sure to give all of the details. By hiding details, your attorney cannot prepare for any risks associated with your case. Your discussion is private, and there is no reason not to be 100% honest.

Share the Complete Story 

Do not omit any information. It's best for your attorney to be as prepared as possible for any risk. When it comes to the law, surprises are usually problems.

Bring All Related Documents 

Bring any bills, notices, letters, or notes related to the accident for the attorney to review. The more information and evidence you provide to the attorney, the easier it can be to build a strong case.

Ask Questions 

There's no such thing as a bad question. An attorney understands that accident victims are not legal experts.

Before you meet with an attorney, do as much preparation as you can to make the most out of the consultation. In return, Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers will give you a fair evaluation of your case and describe the strengths and weaknesses that they see.

Why Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Charleston, SC?

If you've been seriously injured in a semi-truck accident, you probably have a lot on your mind, wondering whether you will need long-term medical care, whether you will be able to return to work, and how you will pay your bills. Finding an experienced truck accident lawyer in the Charleston area to help you with your claim can help you protect your livelihood.

Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries and loss to those involved. When a tractor-trailer truck is at fault, your truck accident lawyer will fight to preserve all the evidence related to the wreck, including photos, maintenance and driving logs, and witness statements. Often, the severity of these accidents requires the use of professionals to reconstruct the scene and the actions of those involved. Our truck accident attorneys can help protect your interests and work to get you fair benefits.

The insurance company for the trucking company is always looking out for their bottom lines and might only pay out what they must to those who file a claim. In trucking accidents, there may be multiple people or entities liable for your damages. Truck accident attorneys like those at Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers work to investigate your claim thoroughly and strive to leave no policy unfound.

If I Am From Another State, Do I Need to Hire a South Carolina Lawyer for My Case?

Maybe you were traveling through South Carolina or were here on vacation when a negligent truck driver caused a devastating accident. If you suffered serious injuries and needed emergency medical care immediately after the truck accident, you should not hesitate to contact a Charleston truck accident lawyer to answer questions about your accident and help you understand whether you have a claim for damages or not.

Being from out of state when you are involved in a Charleston truck accident adds another layer of complexity to an already challenging situation. In such cases, seeking legal representation from a Charleston attorney to deal with the truck driver's insurance company could be crucial for several reasons.

Knowledge of State Laws

Each state has its own set of laws, regulations, and legal procedures governing personal injury and truck accident claims. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the specific laws of South Carolina, including statutes of limitations, liability rules, and traffic regulations. This knowledge is invaluable when building a strong case to recover compensation for your truck accident injuries.

Familiarity With Local Courts

We have experience in the courts and legal systems of South Carolina. Our law firm understands the procedures, practices, and preferences of local judges and juries. This familiarity can help your truck accident case proceed more smoothly and efficiently.

Investigative Resources

South Carolina trucking accidents require extensive investigations. We have established relationships with local investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and other professionals who can assist in building a strong case. We know where to find the necessary resources and experts specific to the area where the accident occurred.

Prompt On-Site Investigations

Time is of the essence in gathering evidence after a semi-truck accident in South Carolina. Our law firm can swiftly conduct on-site investigations, preserving crucial evidence like skid marks, debris, and witness statements. This ensures that key information is documented accurately and promptly.


When working with a local attorney, you have the advantage of having a representative on the ground where the accident took place, even after you have to return home. This could give you an advantage over trying to resolve the issue on your own from another state.

Handling Legal Complexity

Semi-truck accident cases can be legally complex, involving multiple parties, insurance companies, and federal regulations. We possess the knowledge and experience to navigate this complexity, in an effot to ensure that no stone is left unturned in seeking compensation.

Personalized Legal Guidance

We can provide you with personalized legal advice and guidance specific to our local laws and regulations. This tailoring of legal strategy to your unique circumstances is valuable in pursuing your claim.

Peace of Mind

Engaging a local attorney provides you with the peace of mind that you have a knowledgeable and experienced legal advocate by your side who understands the intricacies of the state's legal system and is dedicated to protecting your rights and interests, even after you have to return to your home state.

When you're involved in a truck accident while traveling in our state, hiring a Charleston attorney could be the most prudent course of action. We can help you navigate the complexities of your case, while providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a dedicated and experienced advocate fighting for your rights and fair compensation.

Understanding Contingency Fees in Charleston, SC, Truck Accident Cases

Commercial truck accidents can lead to significant physical, emotional, and financial challenges. If you're considering pursuing a claim for your truck accident injuries in Charleston but are worried about what it will cost you in legal fees, you need to learn about contingency fees.

What Are Contingency Fees?

A contingency fee is a legal fee arrangement commonly used in personal injury cases, including truck accidents. With a contingency fee, you only pay your attorney if they secure a successful outcome in your case, typically in the form of a settlement or court award. If your attorney doesn't win your case, you don't owe them any legal fees.

How Do Contingency Fees Benefit You?

  • No upfront costs. Contingency fees allow you to pursue a truck accident case without the burden of paying upfront legal fees. This is especially important for individuals who may be dealing with medical expenses, property damage, and other financial stressors resulting from the accident.
  • Risk sharing. Contingency fees align the interests of the attorney and the client. Your attorney's payment is directly tied to the success of your case. This encourages them to work diligently to secure the best possible outcome for you.
  • Access to legal representation. Contingency fees provide access to legal representation for individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford it. This ensures that all parties, regardless of financial resources, have the opportunity to seek justice and compensation.

How Contingency Fees Are Structured in Charleston, South Carolina

Here, as in many other locations, contingency fee agreements typically follow a standard structure:

  • Initial consultation. The first step is often a free initial consultation with a truck accident attorney. During this meeting, the attorney will evaluate your case, discuss the circumstances of the accident, and help you determine if you have a viable claim.
  • Percentage-based fees. If the attorney agrees to take your case on a contingency fee basis, they will outline the specific fee percentage that will be charged if they successfully resolve your case.
  • Reimbursement of costs. In addition to the contingency fee, you may also be responsible for reimbursing your attorney for any out-of-pocket costs incurred during the case, such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, and travel expenses. These costs are typically deducted from the final settlement or award following the deduction of attorney fees.
  • Payment upon successful outcome. If your attorneys successfully negotiate a settlement or obtain a favorable verdict for your truck accident case in court, their fees and costs are paid directly from the final amount awarded to you. You will receive the remaining compensation after any additional liens or required payments are made.
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