Am I covered by workers' comp if I'm injured on my way to or from my job in Myrtle Beach?

Workers’ compensation is available to help employees injured on the job, but there are exceptions. You may find it difficult to get coverage from workers’ compensation if you were hurt on the way to or from a job site due to what’s known as the “going and coming” rule. It’s important to understand how this rule works and if it applies to your situation.
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When Workers’ Comp May Cover Your Traveling Injury

In many cases, your injury simply won’t be covered under workers’ compensation if it occurred while walking, driving, or taking public transportation to work or back home. However, there are potential exceptions to this rule, and that’s why it's important to enlist the aid of a legal team that knows how the system works. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer may be able to help if:
You were hurt while running an errand at your employer’s request
You were injured while performing job-mandated duties along the way to or from work
You were injured on a route that is inherently dangerous and directly maintained by your employer, or it is the only way to access your work location
Your transportation method was directly provided by your employer, or you were compensated for the travel time
It's important to know that workers’ compensation isn’t usually available when simply driving to or from your daily shift or to a mandatory staff meeting. However, the coming and going rule doesn’t apply when performing an unusual service that falls outside your normal duties such as coming home after traveling outside your usual route for a work emergency.
If you think you may qualify for an exception to the rule, you need to contact an attorney with substantial workers’ compensation experience to help you receive the most possible compensation while dealing with a debilitating injury.

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