What Happens Following A Settlement To Your South Carolina Car Accident?

Once the settlement process is complete, a check can be issued by the insurance company, and another multi-step process begins:

  1. Releases and other documents are signed.
  2. The insurance company issues a check.
  3. Your attorney deposits the check in an escrow account and pays your liens. This includes unpaid medical bills, any deductibles or other bills from your health insurance company, unpaid child support, outstanding taxes, and any Medicare or Medicaid costs. 
  4. Your attorney deducts legal fees, court costs, etc.
  5. Your car accident attorney forwards a check to you. 

Other Factors To Consider Regarding Settlement After A Car Accident

In most cases, you can probably expect your check a few to several weeks after your claim is settled, but there are other factors that can affect how long you wait:

  • Insurance adjusters are not in a rush to part with any money. They might want releases signed and notarized before ordering a check to be issued.
  • The accounting department of the insurance company has to get around to issuing the check.
  • The mailing department has to physically put the check into the mail.
  • Out-of-state banks might be involved. If so, checks have to clear (usually in 7-10 days) before money can be disbursed.
  • Medicare or Medicaid expenses might be paid directly by the insurance company before the check is sent to your lawyer.

Although there’s no way to say exactly how long it will take for you to receive your check, an attorney will work to expedite the process.


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