Medical Release Form After a Car Wreck Derrick Law FirmYou were enjoying a cruise up Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach when a car turned off a side street right in front of you. There was no way you could avoid colliding with the car and being thrown off your bike. You know the crash was not your fault, but in the days afterward, you aren’t sure what you should do. The accident lawyers at Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers have two pieces of advice: Don’t sign anything, and call an attorney!

Why a Myrtle Beach Insurance Agent Will Want You to Sign a Medical Release

Even if the other driver’s fault in causing your injuries is clear, his or her insurance company may do whatever it can to reduce or reject your claim for compensation. Their first move may be to ask you to sign a medical release form. The insurance adjuster will tell you that this will allow them to access your medical records so that they can pay you what you are owed. However, they could actually be looking for a reason to deny your claim. Some of the things they will scour your medical records for include:

  • Apparent contradictions to statements you have already made about your injuries or medical treatment.
  • Evidence of a similar injury in the past so that they can claim your current injury was not caused by the accident.
  • Indications that you have been in a motorcycle crash before so they can throw doubt on your innocence.
  • Any history of alcohol or drug abuse that they can use to undermine your character.
  • A medical condition such as sleep apnea or prescription medication that they will say contributed to the cause of the crash.

Your past medical history is none of the insurance company’s business, but once you sign a medical release, they will be able to access all of it to try to reduce the liability of their insured driver. This is why it is so important not to sign a medical release until you have talked to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

Our Myrtle Beach Accident Attorney Team Will Take Over From Here

If you retain accident attorneys at Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers, we will take over communication with the insurance company for the at-fault driver. Motorcycle accident claims are not like car accident claims, so you need a lawyer with the right kind of experience. Call us to schedule a consultation in our Myrtle Beach office today at 843.488.3165. We are also able to meet clients at our Conway, Florence, Murrells Inlet, Mt. Pleasant, North Myrtle Beach or North Charleston office locations.


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