If you want to know whether your car accident adjustor will make beneficial decisions for you, ask him/her if he is going to represent you against his company and look after your interests.  Then ask if he will sign a statement you prepare that states the following:

  1. You are innocent of fault and the insurance company admits their insured caused the wreck.
  2. He will certify to you each insurance coverage and the policy limits of each coverage before making you an offer.
  3. He will investigate to make sure there is no other available insurance coverage, including umbrella policies, UIM coverage, and/or PIP or Med Pay coverage.
  4. He will give you a copy of the at-fault party recorded statement before asking for a statement from you.
  5. He will give you a copy of all witnesses' statements.
  6. If you sign a medical release, he will only seek information concerning medical treatment you have received because of this wreck.
  7. He will tell you how much money they have set in "reserve" to pay your claim.
  8. He will give you a copy of all "index"  and financial information they have on you.
  9. He will not be talking to my neighbors, co-workers, and friends to try to dig up trash on you.
  10. He will not have a private investigator follow you around trying to catch you doing something.
  11. He will pay for your medicals and lost wages as they are being incurred to lesson any stress caused by his insured's negligence.

He won't.  His loyalty is with his company, not your health or your livelihood.

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