Wrongful Death Suit Settled for City of Greenville

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In 2010, officers for the city of Greenville were told to follow through with a Probate Court Judge's order to take Andrew Orval Torres into custody and to a hospital per his family's request. Torres suffered from schizophrenia.

Torres resisted arrest and was tased several times in order to restrain him.

The family and their attorney alleged the officers used excessive force and restraint which led to his wrongful death. They claimed that the tasers were used multiple times and over an extensive period of time as well as using "improper physical restraint" techniques.

Finally a settlement has been reached for the wrongful death claim although neither the Torres family nor the city of Greenville has given information on what the terms of the agreement include.

The three officers involved in the incident were cleared of any wrongdoing and the city has denied the allegations.

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