As the summer temperatures rise, waterparks become a popular destination for people looking to beat the heat and have a little fun. However, they can be dangerous places where accidents causing injuries and even deaths can occur. Recently, there have been a number of accidents and even deaths at waterparks all over the U.S.

Waterparks first gained popularity in the 1980's and today there are over 1,000 facilities. Over 79 million people visited waterparks in 2010 alone; however, according to a study from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance Survey, 3,819 people sought treatment for injuries sustained at waterparks between 1998-2007. The vast majority of those injuries came from people riding down a waterslide. Fractures, lacerations, extremity sprains, head injuries, and contusions are the most common injuries.

Some contributing factors to those injuries are the speeds patrons reach while riding down the slides. One study showed that a person could reach speeds on certain slides that could crush cervical vertebrae and could also get a severe head injury if they hit the side of the slide or the bottom of the pool. Spinal injuries can also occur if the patron is sliding head-first down the slide.

So what can be done to prevent accidents while still having fun? The biggest thing is to just be aware and use common sense. Always follow the rules and regulations for the slides and rides at a waterpark. Also, be aware of others around you, and never use an attraction if you do not meet the regulations. The waterparks are also trying to do their part by adding supervision, eliminating tight turns, smoothing out rough edges, and installing non-slip surfaces. Waterparks can be fun and enjoyable for the entire family and are a great way to cool off during the summer. Just remember to have fun but always put safety first.

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