With the beautiful spring weather that is upon us, many motorcycle owners are breaking out their bikes and going for a ride at the beach. Along with the warm temperatures and sunny skies, bike festivals also encourage bikers to come out to play. While everyone intends to have a great time, it is important to consider ways to maintain your safety as you enjoy your time on the road. Accidents happen but we can do a lot to protect ourselves before we leave home.

Maintain Your Bike

The first thing you can do to help keep yourself safe on the road is maintaining your motorcycle.

1. Tires: Check your tires for low air pressure, worn tread, and any other defects that could affect you on the road.
2. Lights and Signals: Make sure all of your lights and signals work before getting out, especially if you are planning to ride at night.
3. Fluids: Check all the gauges and fluids to be sure the levels are where they need to be for your vehicle.
4. Under the Bike: Also look for gas or oil leaks that may be occurring before you take your bike for a ride. 
5. Each time you ride, check your mirrors, and equipment like your brakes, clutch, throttle, and horn to ensure they are working properly!

On the Road Safety Tips

1. Wear a helmet: this includes one with a face shield or protective eyewear! Helmets can protect against traumatic head injuries and those who do not wear a helmet and are in an accident are 5X more likely to have a serious head injury.
2. Wear appropriate gear: Wearing protective clothing will help save your skin. Gloves, boots, and leather clothing are the best ways to protect your skin in the event of an accident.
3. Follow the law: Obey traffic speeds and learn the local laws to keep your response time high.
4. Be a defensive driver: Always be on the lookout for other drivers. Don't assume they are looking out for you and following the law.
5. Be an educated driver: Take riding courses and other motorcycle education classes to keep your skills sharp.
6. Don't drink and driver: Be alert, be smart, and be sober.

While you cannot control the actions of others on the road, if you prepare yourself as best as possible, you may be able to significantly reduce your chance of an accident. Motorcycles are meant to be fun and the best way to continue that fun is by being aware of yourself and your surroundings.

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