South Carolina has seen consistently rising death and accident rates when it comes to mopeds. Many laws are unenforceable on mopeds because they aren't classified as a motor vehicle and the prerequisite to owning and driving a moped is very easy to accomplish.

Someone as young as 14 can apply for a moped-only license with no experience and drivers are held to lower legal standards.

State Senators Hembree and Crosby are proposing bills that would require all moped drivers to register with the Department of Motor Vehicles, obey the same traffic laws as other motor vehicles, and wear reflective vests at night.

Some reasons stated these changes are necessary include the following:

-Mopeds are more difficult to see, especially at night.
-Mopeds move slowly, even in high speed areas.
-Mopeds are held to lower legal standards.
-Mopeds are growing in popularity due to high fuel efficiency and low costs.

There were 819 reported moped accidents in SC last year and 45 deaths.

Many in local law enforcement have also been an advocate of changes regarding mopeds while some lawmakers, including Governor Haley, believe the changes could be too intrusive and cumbersome.

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