Motorcycle Safety for New Drivers

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina hosts several motorcycle rallies per year. Starting in May, the weather is warm and the bikes come in to enjoy the beach and fellowship with other bikers.

Among these bike rallies, like Harley Week and Memorial Weekend BikeFest, are bikers that are new to motorcycles and driving in heavily congested areas during a rally and summer traffic.

It is important to prepare oneself before getting on the highway and especially before entering these heightened circumstances.

Below are some safety tips for new motorcycle drivers from Consumer Reports:

1. Don't buy more motorcycle than you can handle. Many bikes can be very powerful and fast. Be sure to check that your feet touch the ground when seated and that all controls and handles are easily accessible. Make sure the bike is not too heavy as well.

2. Invest in antilock brakes. These types of brakes are a proven lifesaver according to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Their data shows that motorcycles with ABS are 37% less likely to have a fatal crash than those without the antilock brakes. ABS helps retain steering control during a quick or emergency stop.

3. Take a riding course. Find a riding course and sharpen your skills. Learn advanced techniques for tricky situations and possibly qualify for an insurance discount. 

4. Wear a helmet. While some states require helmet usage, others do not. Reduce your risk of trauma or death by wearing a helmet. Those who ride without a helmet are 40% more likely to die in a motorcycle accident.

5. Dress the part. In order to help protect your skin during the event of an accident, it is important to wear durable, protective clothing. This includes over the ankle footwear, leather or reinforced material jackets and pants, as well as a helmet visor or goggles. There are many options ranging from warm weather to cold to inclement weather. Bright, reflective clothing is also helpful for other drivers to see you well.

6. Drive defensively. Look out for others on the road and take precautions. Cars are typically 60% at fault in car-motorcycle accidents. With distractions high, it is imperative to be on watch for others on the road.

7. Avoid bad weather. This may seem obvious but drivers continue to make poor driving decisions when it comes to the weather. Wet conditions reduce a motorcycle's tire grip and cut down visibility. Stay home or seek shelter until the weather subsides.

8. Look out for road hazards. Avoid potholes, slow for railroad crossings, and watch out for debris in the road. Things you would not notice in a car become much more dangerous on a bike.

9. Get ready to ride. Make sure your bike is in great working condition including lights, signals, horn, and proper air pressure amounts in tires. Routinely check your brakes and other maintenance issues to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

The Derrick Law Firm hopes you will take these suggestions and apply them to your bike riding this summer. And although we can only do our part in being safe on the road and watching for others, accidents do happen.

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