The body regulates temperature by sweating, and when it is very humid outside, it is increasingly harder for the body to regulate its temperature. This puts you at higher risk for heat stroke. Some of the symptoms include cool, sweaty, moist skin with goosebumps despite the heat, dizziness, headache, muscle cramps, nausea and vomiting. Confusion and disorentation can also be warning signs. The American Academy of Pediatrics have released new guidelines that state healthy kids can safely participate in outdoor sports as long as they are sufficiently hydrated, have adaptive training, and get frequent rest periods. The guidelines also recommend coaches, trainers, and other adults receive education as to the risks and and warning signs associated with heat stress.

The most important thing is to be very careful and very aware of all players and athletes that are participating in practices. Heat can be a killer, and knowing the warning signs is the best weapon to combat this growing issue. Staying hydrated, as well as acclimating the players to the heat, is the best way to protect them.

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