An Anderson woman has been sentenced to one year in prison for the deaths of two young boys who died in a boating accident on Lake Hartwell.

Fifty-three-year-old Dawn Thompson was driving a boat that capsized as it neared a dock. The two boys, Christian Henderson and Timothy Dragoo, died.

Thompson's blood alcohol level was tested five hours after the accident and was reported to be just under the legal limit in South Carolina. The boat's weight limit was also exceeded by 500lbs when it capsized. A Circuit Judge sentenced her to one year in prison and five years probation for involuntary manslaughter.

During the summer, activities on the water are a regular occurrence. Boat drivers are still responsible for their behavior and not "driving" or boating under the influence.

Be sure to know the laws regarding your water vehicles and do not drink if you are driving a boat, jet ski, or other vehicle.

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