The Derrick Law Firm is Unique

 The Derrick Law Firm will be different.

It is my desire that The Derrick Law Firm is different from any law firm that you have dealt with or heard about before. I have a true desire of helping people prior to an automobile accident or personal injury in such a way as to save them from the dire consequences of not being informed. . My book, 3 feet from Disaster,  is free to anyone who request it. I also publish a newsletter with helpful insurance and legal information. You do not have to be an ex-client to receive it. You can contact my office at 843-248-7486 and my staff will add your name and address to the mailing list.

It is also my desire to be different if and when you retain my firm to represent you. We will be different in following ways:

1. If I take your case, I will become your personal South Carolina Civil Justice Attorney. If I accept your case, I will perform the initial interview. I will explain the process and what you can expect. I will be available to speak with you by phone. I will negotiate with insurance adjusters and, if necessary, I will prepare the pleading and represent you in the trial of the matter. I will be your own civil justice attorney.

2. In order for me to do so, I cannot and do not take hundreds of cases a year and in all types of practice areas. I have decided not to do that. I do not handle criminal cases, divorce and custody cases, traffic tickets, bankruptcy cases, etc. I have chosen to place an emphasis representing individuals "when their health and livelihood are on the line". In a heartbeat, your health and livelihood can be placed on the line by an truck or car accident. If so, we can help you in filing your claim and taking the matter to court if necessary. Additionally, your health and livelihood can be on the line because of a work related injury. I have handled workers’s compensation cases for over 20 years. I can assist you in making sure you receive the proper medical care, temporary disability benefits while you are out of work and permanent benefits if the injury leaves you with a permanent impairment.  Finally, your health and livelihood can be placed on the line by no fault of anyone. It can be placed on the line by a illness, a disease or an accident where no one is at fault. In those cases, we assist our clients with Social Security Disability claims and represent them before the Administrative Law judge if it becomes necessary.

3. If I take your case, you will have access to my experience. I have over 20 years of expertise in representing victims of  automobile accidents, wrongful death casesmotorcycle accidents,  and worker’s compensation claims in the myrtle beach / conway area. I have over 49 years experience in my life with the people of Horry county and the way they think, what they like, what they dislike and what is important to them. I believe this experience is important if and when you pick a jury from Horry County for trial.

4. My firm is different from some law firms which operate on a ‘high volume’ basis. I don’t believe in taking as many cases as possible, assigning the cases to para-legals, accepting what an insurance adjuster determines to be fair compensation and turning the cases as quickly as possible. I prefer to take fewer more serious cases where people have legitimate injuries and have their health and livelihoods on the line. I then have the time to commit to those cases and do everything in my power, including taking a case to court if necessary, to get the full legal benefits for my clients. That does not mean that I recommend trial in every case. It does mean that I will not allow an insurance adjuster to evaluate your claim for me.

5. The Derrick Law Firm will be different in that after we have represented you, we still want to continue our relationship with you. You can contact our office regarding ANY type of legal problem and question you have and if we do not handle the matter, we will help you find a legitimate experienced lawyer in that area of the law.