"Get Seen, Get Paid" Athletic Camp Scholarship

Attorney Dirk Derrick began the “Get Seen, Get Paid” Athletic Camp Scholarship program in 2019 to allow kids who have the talent and work ethic to compete on the collegiate level, to attend camps in hopes of receiving an athletic scholarship.

Scholarships provided free educations to all of the males in Dirk’s immediate family. His father, Julius Derrick, attended USC on a football scholarship in the 1950s. Dirk attended Wofford College on a football scholarship from 1978-1982. Both of Dirk’s sons have attended college on football scholarships, and both received scholarship offers from schools at which they camped. In today’s world, Dirk believes it is very important for kids to be able to go to camps to be seen and compete in person and earn a free college education.

The Derrick Law Firm has offered an athletic camp scholarship to a student athlete on each football team at all Horry, Georgetown, Marion, Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley County High Schools.

Coaches have been asked to assist The Derrick Law Firm in choosing an athlete that is a good kid, with a great attitude, who is under the radar, but who can play.

Each season, coaches will be contacted by The Derrick Law Firm and asked to submit an athlete that meets the requirements above.