Attorney Dirk Derrick began the “Get Seen, Get Paid” Athletic Camp Scholarship program in 2019 in honor of his father, Julius Derrick.  Julius was an orphan at Epworth Children’s Home when he received a football scholarship at the University of South Carolina.  He went on to be a co-captain of the 1957 Gamecocks. 

He then used his education to be a teacher and coach. With his education, plus the principles he learned through football, hard work, discipline, unity and perseverance, he changed his life, the lives of his family members, and the lives of thousands of kids he influenced through football and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

Dirk now offers these scholarships to allow talented kids with a strong work ethic to attend camps in hopes of earning athletic scholarships.

Dirk believes it is very important for kids to be able to go to camps to be seen and compete in person.

Coaches have been asked to assist The DLF in choosing an athlete who has character, a great attitude, a strong work ethic, the ability to play, and a desire to succeed in life.


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