Where will the focus groups be held?

Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers will host focus groups across the state of South Carolina. Focus groups will be held in the county in which it will be tried in court if it goes to trial. Currently, we have three in-office court rooms located in Conway, Myrtle Beach, North Charleston. We will announce locations across the state as they arise. 

How old must participants be to join a focus group?

Participants must be at least 18 years of age to participate in a focus group.

How long does the survey to participate take to complete?

This survey is approximately 100 questions (depending on responses) and takes an average of 20 minutes to complete. We will ask you about your background and your opinions on different topics. We will keep your responses confidential and will not share or sell your information. Please do not fill out this form more than once. 

Why does the survey to participate ask questions about my background and my beliefs?

We use the information gathered in surveys to learn more about people with different backgrounds and life experiences for jury research. This allows us to see what similar jurors may believe if selected for a jury. 

How many times may I participate in a focus group?

Each person who indicates a desire to participate and completes a survey will be allowed to do so. This is a one-time commitment but there may be future opportunities depending on whether there is a need for returning participants. 

Will participating in a focus group at the Derrick Law Firm increase my chances of being called for jury duty?

No, it will not increase your chances of being called for jury duty. Our focus group events are a service we provide for clients and are completely separate from civil and criminal jury trials held by the state of South Carolina. 

Can my spouse, relative, or friend be in the same focus group as me?

Yes, you may participate with a spouse, relative, or friend if that makes attending a focus group more feasible for you. If this occurs, we will do our best to place you on separate rows or deliberation groups, however. 

To sign up, please fill out the survey HERE.

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