With overcast skies and a cool breeze down at the Conway Marina, the weather proved to be ideal for runners. Over 80 people participated in the hometown race, including many locals, snowbirds from the Northeast, and a family visiting the area from Canada.

          Local support for the race is important because it brings awareness to the Children's Mentoring Program of Horry County. The mentoring program focuses on students who are missing a significant male or female figure in their lives.

          When asked about the severity of children needing mentors in the community, Dirk Derrick replied, “It’s a huge problem, and the program will continue in an effort to provide a solution. The program really needs adults, young and old, who are willing to spend a little time with a kid to change a life.  We appreciate those who supported the run and all monies raised goes to the program.”

          For those interested in mentoring a child or making a donation to the Children’s Mentoring Program of Horry County, please contact Director Polly Derrick at 843-248-0164. Their office is located at 1422 4th Avenue, Conway, SC, 29526.

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