As a result of the injury, I will face a medical disqualification from my Army ROTC scholarship, directly affecting my ability to attend school. Also, I may never regain my sense of smell, have a normal body temperature regulation, and will continue to struggle with my attention span and headaches. However, I feel extremely grateful and blessed everyday for my life and support system. An unfortunate one, such as mine, has been an opportunity to rise up and grow stronger. I am thankful for the person I have become as a result of it and I hope that sharing my experience and what I have learned can help others as well.

Overall, I believe that I am a deserving candidate for this scholarship because I have not only excelled in school thus far with a 3.96 GPA, but I am a fighter, overcoming a serious brain injury with even more determination than I had before. As a result of the brain injury, I will be medically disqualified from my Army ROTC scholarship and faced with over $250,000 in medical bills, along with whatever debt I will accumulate to finish school, which will add to the $35,000 that I already have. I would be incredibly thankful for whatever help I can receive so that I can continue with my education."

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