Truck Driver Hurt in Accident and Unable to Work

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Our client owned his own trucking business and was on route to a job he was contracted to complete in the Pawleys Island area. While driving his 18-wheeler truck down Highway 701 (Fraser Street), our client slowed his vehicle to turn left on a private logging road when another tractor trailer truck failed to slow and stop his vehicle before hitting the back of our client's truck.

The at-fault driver did not hit his brakes and violently hit our client's truck. Our client's seatbelt broke in the collision and he was thrown around the inside of the cab hitting his head and body in various places.

Our client went unconscious and when he awoke recalls seeing a red haze over everything and feeling extreme pain in his head, left elbow, left hip and his lower back. He was transported to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center in Myrtle Beach as a Level II trauma patient where they completed a series of testing and imaging. Shortly after being discharged with only instructions to follow up in one week, our client attempted visits to a chiropractor to relieve his back pain. After 24 visits to the chiropractor, his pain was not alleviated so he scheduled a visit with the Southeastern Spine Institute to evaluate the pain he felt in his left leg, neck, upper back and mid back.

At SSI, he complained of low back pain radiating into the left leg, neck pain, upper back and mid back pain.  He also complained of some residual left elbow pain and frontal headaches. The doctor concluded that his symptoms were caused by the truck accident and ordered new x-rays and MRI scans of his cervical and lumbar spine to determine treatment.

The doctor began conservative treatment including multiple rounds of LESIs under fluoroscopic guidance and a custom-fitted, prefabricated lumbar support orthotic.  Upon failure of these conservative methods, the doctor referred our client to a spine surgeon in the same practice for a surgical consult.  

The spine surgeon recommend a left-sided L5-S1 transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion in an effort to alleviate the pain and radicular symptoms our client was experiencing. After surgery, extensive follow ups and physical therapy, our client was finally considered at maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Our client continues to have residual numbness into his left leg in addition to some lower back pain. He is able to perform light tasks with frequent breaks and laying down. His doctor noted that he was "not able to go back to his previous types of work" which, in addition to driving a truck, included physical labor, brick masonry, and construction work.  Observing his need for frequent lying down, the doctor concluded our client's present physical condition is not at all conducive to returning to work of any type, generally.

Our client was not only injured by the at-fault truck driver's negligence, but he was also rendered vocationally disabled. He is unable to return to the only types of work he knows how to do.

Because of the astronomical medical bills that were incurred, the severity of our client's injuries and his inability to return to work, The Derrick Law Firm evaluated all factors of the case and demanded the full policy limits of the at-fault truck driver's insurance policy. By including his medical records and bills, his lost wages in the present and in the future, as well as the pain and suffering that goes with severe injuries and becoming vocationally disabled, Truck Accident Lawyer Taylor Hooven settled our client's case for $1,250,000 to compensate for his damages now and in the future.

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