Tractor Trailer Accident Injures Woman

Dirk J. Derrick
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A husband and wife were traveling down Highway 378 near Johnsonville, South Carolina when they were hit by a tractor trailer truck.

As the couple were driving, they saw the oncoming 18-wheeler truck driving into and down their lane. The husband who was driving, attempted to veer out of the way of the truck but was struck on the passenger side of the vehicle head on. The vehicle flipped multiple times and the husband and wife sustained incredible injuries while the truck driver was unharmed.

The woman in the vehicle experienced the greatest injuries including a traumatic brain injury that affected her cognitive abilities at work. Her medical bills were over $200,000 and she also sustained a broken leg that required surgical alignment. The surgery included the insertion of a metal rod and metal plate into her leg until a titanium metal plate was able to be screwed in permanently. Because of the trauma from the accident, the woman also suffered collapsed lungs, multiple fractured ribs, and disc protrusion in her back. Her worst injury however, was the brain trauma she sustained because it greatly affected the quality of her life.

The closed brain trauma caused diminished mental and emotional capacity for our client. She has problems concentrating, memory lapses, blank staring, and loss of analytical and critical thinking skills and capabilities. After the accident, her conversations are often forgotten and things she plans to do are also forgotten moments later.

Our client was a very analytical thinker and a problem solver by occupation. Since, and because of, the accident, she is unable to analyze issues and study the various technical difficulties to recommend solutions at her job. Making decisions have become quite cumbersome and during times of intense deliberation, she experiences headaches that are long-lasting.

All of these injuries were caused by the carelessness of an 18 wheeler driver and the poor condition of his vehicle. After an investigation was completed, the truck had severely degraded brakes. Despite other work being done to the truck, routine checks were not made to the brakes which affected the driver's ability to stop his truck.

The Derrick Law Firm hired experts to evaluate the crash and to reconstruct the time of the incident. The reconstruction paired with an evaluation of the woman's medical bills and future impairment allowed Personal Injury Attorney Dirk Derrick to demand the full policy limits for the woman and her husband's injuries.

Our accident client was able to recover $761,732 for her damages and future impairment.

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