Road Rage Accident and Assault in North Myrtle Beach Area

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A young man and his girlfriend, left his house in a red truck to see if they had any better luck fishing at the landing on Highway 9. As they left their prior fishing spot in the neighborhood, a man got into his sports car and began tailing them.  The driver of the sports car was looking for the driver of a red truck who, at some point much earlier in the night, allegedly intimidated the sports car owner's wife outside their home. Our client noticed the man began following them and was driving erratically – as if he was stalking them.

The young man and woman came to the stop sign at Highway 57 and, nervous, made a left to travel south.  The driver of the sports car, still following the truck, cut a hard left into the oncoming traffic lane and drove intimidatingly alongside them. While on a double-yellow line, the driver of the sports car sped past the young couple, cut in front of them, downshifted sharply and slammed his brakes. In order to avoid a collision, the young man had no alternative but to slam on his own brakes and cut the steering wheel sharply, causing him to lose control of his father’s vehicle, run off the road, sideswipe a road sign, and end up in a cotton field on the side of Highway 57.

The driver of the sports car stopped a short distance beyond where the young couple ran off the road, got out of his car, and menacingly approached them yelling about how the two of them were intimidating his family and casing out his home.  The driver of the sports car was operating under the misguided impression that our client’s red truck was the red truck he was looking for.
The young couple, confused, injured, and disoriented, and having not the faintest idea what the driver of the sports car was yelling about, told him that he had the wrong people and tried to calm him.  Despite this, and without warning, the man closed on the young man and punched him in the jaw and then threatened to pull a knife on the couple. The young man told the driver he didn’t want any trouble and called his father, who came out to the scene and pulled his truck out of the ditch.  When the young man's father arrived, the driver of the sports car threatened to attack him as well. When the police were called and showed up with blue lights flashing, the driver of the sports car fled the scene.  Based on the statements collected from those involved in this incident, the officer swore out a warrant against the driver of the sports car for Malicious Damage and Assault in the Third Degree. The driver of the sports car was arrested on these charges some days later.

In addition to the road rage and assault, the young couple suffered injuries that required medical treatment. The young man sustained injuries that caused jaw, neck, and back pain. He visited his doctors multiple times for an MRI and prescriptions before his injuries finally healed. The young woman experienced back pain after the accident and completed physical therapy to alleviate her injuries.

Because of all the factors involved with this accident, The Derrick Law Firm thoroughly evaluated all medical records and expenses and investigated all elements of the accident to determine that the at-fault party would be liable for property damages, medical bills, and most significantly punitive damages for the extremely reckless and aggressive behavior that caused the accident and the assault.

Between all insurance coverage available and including punitive damages for the actions of the at-fault driver, The Derrick Law Firm settled this case for a total of $127,000 with very satisfied clients. The young man left a review here.

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