Myrtle Beach Workers' Comp Claim for Torn Rotator Cuff

Dirk J. Derrick
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South Carolina Lawyer Dirk Derrick helps victims recover from car accidents, personal injury & wrongful death.

If you are hurt at work, do you know what workers' compensation covers? What if you get injured while working but your workers' compensation is denied?

These are questions people hope to never know the answer to and without knowledge of the laws of South Carolina, injured workers may miss out on benefits they are entitled to through workers' compensation.

A recent client of The Derrick Law Firm was working in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when his shoulder was pinned between a trailer and brick wall of a home. He was in extreme pain and went to the doctor where it was determined to be a torn rotator cuff. The doctor noted that it would require surgery to correct the injury.

The doctor held the man out of work for about three months before clearing him to work with some restrictions.

A challenge associated with this case came when the employer said that the man quit his job while the man said he was fired. This made it difficult to claim back payment of wages. Myrtle Beach Workers' Compensation Attorney Taylor Hooven was able to work out the details of the claim and get the case settled including the man's back pay of wages.

Without a knowledgeable worker's comp lawyer, this employee may have not received all the benefits and wages he was entitled to through his workers' compensation claim. This client was very satisfied and gave the firm a 5 Star Rating.

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