Client Receives $85,000 Following Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Accident

Dirk J. Derrick
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In 2018, a motorcycle crash left our client with extensive scarring.
The at-fault party was riding his motorcycle with our client on the back when he lost control and rolled the bike over several times on US-17 near Myrtle Beach, SC. The South Carolina Highway Patrol Officer determined the cause of the wreck was due solely to the driver’s behavior and actions of driving too fast for conditions. Given the severity of the crash and the open and obvious injuries of our client, Horry County Fire Rescue immediately placed her on a stretcher and prepared her for transport to the nearest trauma Emergency Room, Grand Strand Regional Hospital. After undergoing several radiological scans, trauma assessments and multiple stitches, the client was discharged with a diagnosis of multiple abrasions and a closed head injury.
Unfortunately, this was not the only doctor visit our client had to attend because of the driver’s negligence. Shortly after the accident, she started experiencing pain throughout her lower back, right knee and left leg, as well as substantial scarring from her body sliding across the pavement on US-17. Our client followed through with all treatment but still suffered with scars that were present and visible.
  Given our client’s age and physical appearance, the scarring she suffered from this wreck will continue to impact her both physically and emotionally for many years.  Car accident attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm investigated all parts of this motorcycle accident, all of the client’s medical bills and the future cosmetic treatment our client will need, and demanded the full policy limits of the insurance available.
The Derrick Law Firm settled this motorcycle accident case for $85,000.

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