Marion, South Carolina Motor Vehicle Accident

Dirk J. Derrick
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South Carolina Lawyer Dirk Derrick helps victims recover from car accidents, personal injury & wrongful death.

Our personal injury client was involved in a violent motor vehicle crash in Marion, South Carolina.

Our client and the at-fault driver were traveling on the same road in oncoming lanes. As our client and the other driver reached the traffic signal at the intersection, our client had a green light and the right of way through the intersection and the other driver had a red, left-turn arrow. The at-fault driver attempted to turn left despite the red light and darted through oncoming traffic crashing into our client´s vehicle. 
Our client was treated at MUSC Health-Marion after the accident where he complained of pain in his left shoulder and in his neck. The physicians took x-rays of his cervical spine and shoulder. They provided treatment and released him with instructions to follow up with a doctor if his pain persisted.
As he was still experiencing ongoing pain, our accident client followed up as instructed at McLeod Family Medicine. There, the physicians diagnosed him with a rotator cuff injury and referred him to an orthopedic specialist. The orthopedic found a fracture on his left humerus and placed him in a sling. The orthopedic also ordered an MRI which revealed a traumatic and complete tear of his left rotator cuff that required surgery to fix. Surgery was successfully performed and our client was referred to physical therapy to gain back strength. Despite surgery and physical therapy, our client continues to experience pain and limitations due to the injuries sustained in the accident.
South Carolina personal injury lawyers and staff at The Derrick Law Firm thoroughly evaluated all of the client’s medical records, medical expenses, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. Attorney Derrick included all of these factors into his demand letter to the insurance company as well as considering punitive damages due to the reckless and extreme disregard of the traffic light by the at-fault driver. 
The Derrick Law Firm demanded the full policy limits of the insurance policies available and our car accident client settled his case for $191,778.

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