Man Injured in Tractor Trailer Truck Accident

While traveling down Highway 378 near Johnsonville, South Carolina, a married couple saw an 18-wheeler truck driving in their lane and toward their vehicle. The driver of the vehicle veered left to avoid the truck but the passenger side was hit head-on injuring the driver and his wife. Their vehicle flipped multiple times before landing on the side of the road. The driver of the 18-wheeler left the accident unharmed.

The driver of the car suffered significant injuries to his left shoulder, left arm, and neck. He also experienced a concussion and severe bruising. His medical bills totaled over $18,000 and he continued to seek orthopedic treatment throughout the duration of his case.

In addition to this man's injuries, he became his wife's caretaker after the accident. His wife suffered a brain injury, collapsed lungs, and a broken leg. The couple were planning to enjoy their nearing retirement but because of the injuries, their plans had to take the backseat to treatment.

A full investigation of this accident also took place to show the tractor trailer truck's negligence. Not only was the driver in the wrong lane, it was proven that his truck's brakes were severely degraded. Appropriate repairs and maintenance had not occurred which proved reckless negligence.

Truck Attorneys Dirk Derrick and Kristie Shaw evaluated the facts of the case as well as the client's medical bills and were able to recover a settlement of $491,731 for his injuries sustained in the tractor trailer accident.

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