Kings Highway Family Car Accident

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our auto accident client, along with her husband, sister, and brother-in-law, were traveling north on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, SC. As our client passed the intersection of Kings Highway and 16th Ave, a vehicle attempted to make an aggressive left-hand turn by darting through oncoming traffic and crashing into our client's vehicle. When the police arrived, they determined that the other driver had caused the accident by failing to yield the right-of-way and was driving under the influence.
Myrtle Beach Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene of the crash and found our client complaining of pain in her neck, back, and chest. She was placed in a cervical collar and transferred to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. Upon arrival at the emergency room, multiple tests were ordered and our client was fully evaluated and treated. They discharged her with follow up instructions if pain persisted.
Several days after the accident, our client was still experiencing neck pain and followed up at Compass Medical for additional treatment. She was given trigger point injections and referred to physical therapy. She attended therapy for several months along with the injections to decrease her pain.
In addition to compensation for her medical expenses and pain and suffering, our client was entitled to punitive damages because the at-fault driver was reckless in driving under the influence. The Derrick Law Firm provided the insurance carrier with the defendants' past criminal records which showed a long history of driving issues including previously driving under the influence.
Our auto accident client settled her case for $100,000.

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