Drunk Driver Rear Ended Car on Highway 501 in Conway

A young woman was stopped at a red light behind one vehicle on Highway 501 near Singleton Ridge Road in Conway, South Carolina. While sitting at the light, a drunk driver failed to stop and rear-ended the woman's car forcing her into the car ahead of her.

After the car accident, the woman felt pain on the left side of her neck, lost significant range of motion and also felt pain in her left rotator cuff. She began treatment with a chiropractor hoping it would solve her injury. Despite seeing a chiropractor for over two years, the woman received no long-term relief of pain and decided to see an orthopedic specialist. The orthopedist prescribed physical therapy to help with her injury and her results did prove to be successful.

Also during this time, the woman realized she needed help with her personal injury claim. She contacted The Derrick Law Firm who was able to file suit on her case in order to extend the life of her claim. In South Carolina, an accident claim is typically only valid for 3 years unless a lawsuit is filed with the court system. Doing this allowed The Derrick Law Firm to gather the client's medical records, investigate the accident and the at-fault driver to determine the value of the client's case.

By completing a thorough evaluation of the client's accident and injuries, The Derrick Law Firm was able to settle the client's case without going to trial. This client settled their accident case for $95,000.

At the conclusion of the case, our client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of her accident claim. She gave The Derrick Law Firm 5 Stars, and said, "I was very pleased with how my case was handled and with the outcome. All of the staff was very personable... (full testimonial here.")

Accident cases can range from small fender benders and a person experiencing only soreness, to major property damage and long-lasting injuries. Insurance companies do their best to limit what they must pay out on claims and unfortunately, legitimately injured people often get offered low amounts for their medical bills. If you find yourself dealing with a difficult insurance adjustor, you may need The Derrick Law Firm to help you with your injury claim. The attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm are knowledgeable and aggressive in getting their clients a fair settlement.

For a free case review, contact The Derrick Law Firm at 843-488-5360. Voted BEST ATTORNEY by the readers of the Horry Independent and the Myrtle Beach Herald, they work to get you the full value of your case and treat you like family along the way.

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