Denied Life Insurance Claim for Grandmother

Dirk J. Derrick
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After years of paying for a life insurance policy valued at $10,000, a grandmother passed away expecting to leave her family with enough money to cover her funeral expenses.

Unfortunately, her life insurance company refused to pay out her policy. The insurance company claimed the woman intentionally failed to note that she had a blood disorder at the time of writing the policy. The woman did not intentionally deceive the insurance company because at the time of signing, her only blood related ailment was anemia.

Because the insurance company denied her life insurance payout, her family was unable to properly bury the 72-years-old grandmother of seven. The family cut costs by deciding not to embalm the deceased and as a result, needed to have a closed casket ceremony where the family was not able to say a final goodbye. They were also unable to afford a tombstone for her grave.

The family of this woman came to The Derrick Law Firm about the denied case. Until the firm filed suit for bad faith insurance practices, the insurance company failed to settle or take the matter of paying out a claim seriously. After filing suit, the insurance company promptly settled the matter for several times the value of the policy itself.

The family's first action will be placing a tombstone at the site of their grandmother's burial.

Insurance companies work hard to delay, deny, or give less than the value of a claim to many customers every day of the year. If you are the victim of bad faith insurance practices or feel you may be getting less than you believe for your claim, contact Insurance Attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm.

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