Death of 15 month old from defective stove - (Confidential amount)

Dirk J. Derrick
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An Horry County jury awarded a wrongful death verdict in a product liability case where a stove was alledged to be defective.  A 15 month old baby died after the stove, produced by a major national manufacturer, tipped over when the child opened the door and put its weight on the door.  It was discovered that the manufacturer knew of the stove's propensity to tip and had received documentation of many catastrophic injuries, burns, and deaths caused by the stove from the Consumer Product Safty Commission.  The manufacturer had patented a bracket to attach to the wall to stabilize the stove and could have provided the brackets for less than a dollar a stove.  The bracket was not provided due to a fear that people would not buy the product if it was acknowledged that the stove may tip over.
Shortly after the jury came back with a verdict, a Confidential settlement agreement was agreed upon.

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