Conway Man Injured at Work in Construction Accident

A Conway man working in construction became seriously injured on his job site in Loris, SC. He was the Project Manager and Operator for a heavy duty drilling company that drills into concrete to put in pipes, wire or rebar inside.

While working on the job site with a large piece of equipment, he began to cut into concrete. The blade on his equipment hit a piece of metal that was mistakenly embedded in the concrete, and the blade whipped backward, hitting him in the face, injuring both his face and eye.

The worker was taken to Loris Hospital and later airlifted to MUSC for further treatment. The incident caused nerve damage to his eyelid that left him unable to open one eye and also caused significant facial scarring. Doctors recommended a surgery to open the eyelid so that he could see out of both eyes, however, the surgery would cause the eyelid to be permanently open. This would result in consistent dry eye and possible other issues.

The man decided against the surgery and was able to return to work.

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