Conway Rear End Car Accident on Highway 501

Highway 501 in the Conway and Myrtle Beach areas is a busy road that often sees accidents. A woman who stopped in traffic, and also became a witness in this case, saw the car behind her braking hard in an attempt to stop and not hit her vehicle. The car did not hit her but upon stopping, the second car was rear-ended by the vehicle behind him.

The driver of the third car hit the second vehicle at a tremendous speed that caused 83 pounds of force to act on the victim driver's head and neck. Immediately, the driver that was hit felt a burning sensation throughout his upper back and neck. The man was rushed to Conway Medical Center ER and medical notes showed his complaints of radiating neck and back pain. The at-fault driver was charged with driving too fast for conditions.

The victim party, who was previously a healthy and active individual, realized his injuries were significant and felt in need of a Conway Car Accident Attorney. He contacted The Derrick Law Firm to represent him on his case.

Once treatment began on his injuries and the pain did not subside despite physical therapy and cervical facet injections, his orthopedic doctor completed another MRI to see what improvements had been made. Because minimal improvements occurred, our client's cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy was determined to need surgery to have any chance of repair. Eight months after the accident, our client had the recommended surgery of anterior cervical discectomy and a fusion to two cervical vertebras.

Our accident client made improvements but the road to full recovery would be a long one.

To settle his case, Attorney Kevin Mulet recovered $100,000 from liability insurance as well as an additional $60,000 from excess liability insurance.

Conway car accident lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm evaluate each case thoroughly to ensure that all witnesses are spoken to, any video surveillance is captured, experts are gathered when needed, all available insurance is found, and all medical records are read to determine a case value. The philosophy of The Derrick Law Firm is to treat each client like family, outwork their opponents, and to obtain the full case value.

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