Two Elderly Sisters Injured In Slip And Fall Incident

Dirk J. Derrick
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Two elderly sisters were seriously injured while walking around their hometown. 

As the sisters were walking along the sidewalk, one of them fell on uneven concrete. As the other sister tried to help, she fell as well. 
Following the incident, the sisters were on the ground and could not move. Upon arrival at a Loris Community Hospital via EMS, one of the sisters was treated for multiple abrasions to her head and body. After CT scans and x-rays were done, she was diagnosed with multiple abrasions and myalgia, was given a shot, and discharged to go home. 
The other sister was transported to McLeod Seacoast Hospital and underwent extensive surgery to repair an open fracture on her arm and wrist. She was admitted to observation and developed some dementia secondary to medications and anesthesia. She was discharged home several days later. Our client also followed up with an orthopedist that examined and determined that she had a nine percent impairment rating of her whole body and a fifteen percent impairment of her right upper extremity.
The personal injury team at The Derrick Law Firm investigated all factors of the case including the scene of the accident, all related medical records, impairment ratings, and future losses for our clients. The Derrick Law Firm successfully argued that there were sidewalk violations present when the incident occurred and that the city failed to provide its citizens and pedestrians with a reasonable and safe walking surface. 

Our clients settled their claim for $150,000. 

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