Car Accident Due To At Fault Driver Too Fast For Weather Conditions

Dirk J. Derrick
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When a driver operates a vehicle recklessly under difficult weather conditions, it can cause serious harm to others.  Three vehicles were traveling northbound on South Carolina Highway 707 near Myrtle Beach. Our client, along with another driver, were stopped for traffic ahead. The at-fault driver was driving too fast for conditions and struck the second driver in rear of vehicle which caused them to strike our client’s automobile. 

Our client remembers hearing a loud boom just before blacking out. He describes a burning sensation throughout his body followed by pain in his head, neck and back when he awoke. After this violent and unexpected impact, our client went to the emergency room at Grand Strand Regional Hospital. His first visit to the emergency room was only the beginning of an ongoing journey to the pain free life our client was used too.

Treatment was needed for the next three years of his life. This treatment included MRI’s of his cervical spine and lumbar spine, along with Physical Therapy, injections and visits with neurologist. Scans revealed disc herniations with disc protrusion to the left at the L-4 with an impact on the L4 nerve root. 

Additionally, the results of the cervical MRI revealed disc bulges among several levels of the cervical spine. He was also diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. These are only a few of the physical and emotional impacts this wreck had on our client’s life. Medical damages, bills, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering were all caused by the negligent behavior and inability to pay attention to the traffic ahead by the at-fault driver.

Because of the extensive, continuous, and expensive treatment that our client had and will have to live with, our team at The Derrick Law Firm fought hard to give our car accident client the outcome he deserved.  The Derrick Law firm settled this case for a total of $150,000. Our client was extremely satisfied with the representation of his car accident case by The Derrick Law Firm. View his testimonial here.

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