Car Wreck on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach

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One evening along Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, a drunk driver made an aggressive left turn in front of oncoming traffic, hitting a car that was traveling north on Kings Highway. When officers arrived on the scene, it was determine that the at-fault driver in the accident was driving under the influence when he failed a field sobriety test.

One of the passengers in the car that was hit was evaluated by Myrtle Beach Fire and Rescue. She complained of pain in her neck, back, and chest, and was placed in a cervical collar before being transferred to a backboard with her head immobilized. Myrtle Beach Fire and Rescue took her to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center for a full evaluation.

In the emergency room, the woman told doctors about pain to her neck, back, chest, and shoulder. Multiple tests were performed including x-rays and a CT scan of her head. She was fully evaluated and treated at the ER before being discharged with follow up instructions.

Our client soon followed up with her doctor for additional treatment because of her ongoing pain, bruising on her chest and soreness throughout her upper torso. She indicated that she was experiencing severe pain in her neck. She was provided treatment, including trigger point injections, provided a referral to physical therapy, and discharged with a treatment plan that included pain medication and additional trigger point injections.

When our client began physical therapy, she had cervical and shoulder sprains, pain, muscle spasms, postural deviations, limited range of motion and strength issues. All of those issues prevents her from participating in many of her normal activities including household work, caring for her grandchildren, and enjoying her recreational activities. She was also showing difficulty with carrying, moving and handling objects, and it was noted that she would require skilled therapy to have a chance at restoring her prior level of function. Over a three-month period of physical therapy, our client made improvements in her range of motion and strength but continued to have pain and weakness. At that point, it was decided by the doctor to allow our client to attempt a trial of self-managed care and she released with a home exercise plan.

Upon completion of her medical care, our client’s medical bills totaled over $16,000.

Beyond compensation for her medical expenses, our client was entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering she experienced due to the at-fault driver’s decision to drink and drive as well as punitive damages for the at-fault driver’s reckless disregard for others on the roadways.

From beginning to end, Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm investigated the accident, evaluated all medical bills and records, and obtained all available insurance information. A challenge in this case was that four people were injured by the actions of the at-fault driver and the at-fault driver had minimum limits of liability insurance. They left each party with $12,500 for their medical expenses out of the liability insurance policy. However, because The Derrick Law Firm seeks out every insurance policy available for their clients, they were able to file a claim against the woman's UIM policy (Underinsured Motorist Coverage). Every aspect of the case was considered and the client was able to settle her claim for a total of $100,000 between liability and UIM insurance policies.

At the end of our client's case, she was extremely satisfied and left these remarks, "I would like to thank everyone at Derrick Law Firm. Everyone was always so sweet and helpful every time we talked... (full testimonial here)."

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