Car Overturns in Accident on Highway 90 in North Myrtle Beach

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our client was traveling west on Highway 90 near North Myrtle Beach when she attempted to make a turn onto Old Chesterfield Road. A car traveling too fast for conditions failed to slow his vehicle and rear-ended our client's car. Her car rolled multiple times and stopped on the driver's side. There was significant damage to both vehicles and the at-fault party immediately approached our client as she climbed out of her sunroof to apologize for causing the accident.

EMS arrived on the scene and the report indicated that our client's primary complaints were of neck pain, arm pain, and knee pain. She was placed in a cervical collar and loaded onto a stretcher. Our client was then transported to McLeod Seacoast Hospital in Little River, SC via EMS. At the hospital, she continued to complain of injuries to the left side of her head, her left shoulder and arm, and her left knee. The doctors performed CT scans of her cervical spine, chest/abdomen/pelvis, and head. They also performed x-rays of her left shoulder. The images did not reveal any acute trauma, and our client was diagnosed with contusions and a cervical strain. The doctors prescribed ibuprofen, hydrocodone, and muscle relaxers and discharged her.

Our client then visited with an orthopedic doctor at OrthoSC to address some of her pain. After her exam, she was diagnosed with neck pain, thoracic pain, lumbar pain, and spondylolisthesis at L5-S1. MRIs were ordered and our client was prescribed six weeks of physical therapy for her neck and back. She was also prescribed a back brace to wear while doing any physical activities.

Despite beginning treatment, our client explained that she still had difficulty reaching overhead, standing for more than four hours while working, lifting a five-pound container of milk, limited range of motion with her neck, difficulty carrying her backpack, and trouble performing household activities. Our client lives with and helps care for her grandmother, so her inability to perform everyday tasks were causing serious problems. She was ordered more physical therapy by her doctor and completed several months to which she was able to recover well from her car accident.

Our client's medical bills incurred from the accident were over $34,000 and she missed work with over $1,000 in lost wages. The physical pain, mental stress, and emotional suffering stemming from this wreck in addition to the costs of medical treatment allowed The Derrick Law Firm to obtain all of the liability insurance coverage available and some of our client's Underinsured Motorist insurance policy. The total amount of this accident settlement was $74,000.

At the time of settlement, our client was asked her opinion of the service provided by her attorney and the staff at The Derrick Law Firm. She gave the firm 5 star review and said this, "Very polite and genuine people. There was not a moment that I felt I wasn't being taken cared of."

Have You Been Injured In A South Carolina Area Car Accident?

Often times an insurance company will give an injured party a low settlement offer that does not cover all of their medical bills and would not cover any future medical bills. Many people take the low offer because they need money now and the insurance company gets out of paying what an injured party needs to get back to their life before the wreck.

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