Car Hit by Drunk Driver in Myrtle Beach

A man was drinking and decided to get behind the wheel of his car to purchase more beer at a nearby gas station. The man traveled down Highway 707 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and attempted to make a left turn into said gas station. In his attempt to turn left, he failed to yield the right of way and hit our client head on while driving his work truck. The amount of property damage was severe and the victim driver was forced to seek medical treatment shortly after the wreck. At the scene of the accident, it was noted that the at-fault driver mentioned that he needed to hurry so he could go pick up more beer.

The victim realized he needed a personal injury lawyer in Myrtle Beach to assist with his medical treatment and getting his case settled. He hired The Derrick Law Firm for his accident claim.

Our client was a man who was the breadwinner for his family of five and rarely missed a day of work until after his accident. Being a healthy individual with no prior injuries, our client initially felt that his chest and back pain would go away after time. Days after the accident, our client's pain was so severe he went to the emergency room to be treated. Doctors diagnosed him with chest wall pain and advised him to follow up with a specialist if the pain did not subside.

After attempting to go back to work, our client felt excruciating back pain and followed up with an orthopedic specialist who ordered nine months of consistent and conventional treatment for his injuries. Despite the treatment, the doctor gave the man an eight percent impairment rating to his whole body and noted that he would have a continued impairment to his lumbar spine.

Considering the extreme negligence of the at-fault driver, months of missed work, and injuries that may reasonably last a lifetime, The Derrick Law Firm was able to settle this accident claim for the full liability limits of $25,000 as well as $100,000 of the client's Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM.)

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