Car Accident Case Settled for 2x Medical Bills

While driving down Highway 501 near Carolina Forest in congested rush hour traffic, a man was rear-ended in a car accident. While there was minimal damage to his vehicle, the man immediately felt back and neck pain and was taken to the Emergency Room by ambulance from the scene of the crash.

At the hospital, the man continued to note back and neck pain to the doctor. He treated with his primary care physician for several appointments until it was determined that he had soft tissue injuries including a strained trap muscle and a strain in his lumbar. Treatment continued with several physical therapy appointments.

A challenge presented in this case came from the minimal property damage to the client's vehicle as well as the soft tissue injuries that typically do not leave lasting effects. While the damage was not severe, the man still suffered injuries that required treatment including physical therapy.

Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Attorney Kevin Mulet obtained all medical bills, records, and documents relating to the accident to do a thorough evaluation of the case. Attorney Mulet submitted a demand to the insurance company and settled the case for almost twice the amount of medical bills the client incurred.

This client gave The Derrick Law Firm a 5 out of 5 Stars review.

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