It is known that traumatic brain injuries can leave lasting damaging effects on the brain. However, to date there is no tool or good way to diagnose the damage. Now, scientists are testing a tool that will light up the breaks these types of injuries leave deep inside the brain very similar to the way an x-ray works for bones.
The research is just beginning to see if this type of test could really pinpoint the injuries and help with rehabilitation. It is a way to "make visible these previously invisible wounds" said Walter Schneider of the University of Pittsburgh, who is leading the development of the scan.
It is estimated that 1.7 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury in the United States each year. Survivors can have obvious disabilities or more subtle changes like mood swings or memory loss. Standard scans cannot see beyond the bleeding or swelling to tell the brain's connections are broken in a way it can't repair on its own; this is why the need for the scanning technology is so important.
With this new tool it processes high-powered MRI's through a special computer program that maps major fiber tracts, painting them in different colors that designate the different functions. Researchers then look for breaks in the fibers that can slow or stop the nerve connections from doing their jobs. This new tool provides a much closer look at the nerve fibers and will allow doctors the ability to detect and devise a treatment plan for TBI's.
This new tool is another step closer to providing a way for doctors to treat traumatic brain injuries. It can also help patients understand the diagnosis and help to customize a tailored treatment plan.

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