Safety Measures for Tractor Trailer Accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that about half of fatal car accidents that occur between cars and tractor trailers are caused by a car going under the side of the tractor trailer. That is close to 750 deaths in 2015 alone.

In a recent study, the IIHS determined that strong side guards on tractor trailers could prevent many deaths and lessen injuries of those involved in an accident. Crashes like these are referred to as "under-ride" crashes and they occur when the car's hood slides under the trailer. This allows the windshield, and the occupants behind it, to smack into the trailer (Source: CNN Money.)

The study tested a car going 35mph and crashing into a tractor trailer with the AngelWing side guard. This guard prevented the car from sliding under the trailer.

The Insurance Institute's Executive Vice President believes that the test proves side guard rail technology has the potential to save lives.

In 2012, a "study by the Institute found that strong under-ride guards on the sides of trucks could reduce injury risk in almost 90% of side crashes into tractor-trailer truck trailers (CNN Money.)"

While the Institute has not tested impacts at much higher speeds, the technology of the guard rails has shown to be helpful in many tractor trailer-car accidents.

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