As a passenger in a car, it is your responsibility to maintain a duty of care to protect yourself. While a passenger is not responsible or expected to anticipate every decision of the driver, the passenger must be aware of his or her surroundings.

A passenger must not fully entrust his safety to the driver and must keep a reasonable lookout for unsafe habits or conditions. If the driver is speeding or driving recklessly, it is up to the passenger to ask the driver to stop and then leave the vehicle. This applies to situations where there is a reasonable amount of time and opportunity for the passenger to give a warning.

While it is up to the passenger to maintain some level of awareness, it is not his sole responsibility or duty to anticipate or warn the driver of all approaching cars or other dangers. If the passenger assumes the role of lookout, however, “he must make a reasonably careful lookout.”

Be aware of your surroundings and only ride with a driver that you trust to make safe decisions.

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