Everyone knows that baseballs are flying pretty fast in most games, so the need for protective head gear for pitchers is obvious.  A sporting goods equipment company has announced the creation of a prototype to protect pitchers, from little league all the way to the major leagues.

It is very common for head injuries to occur in various sports like football and baseball.  Brain swelling, concussions, comas, and other less predictable conditions can occur after a head injury.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, young people have suffered more serious head injuries in the game of baseball.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission quoted statistics for one year saying 21 children died due to their baseball head injuries.

The prototype, designed by Easton-Bell is made of expandable polystyrene that is lightweight and capable of absorbing energy.  They have said that the helmet will not interfere with pitching duties, and used footage from 5,000 pitchers playing baseball to aid in the design process.  It is said to look very similar to a regular baseball cap, but has enhanced quality padding in the most vulnerable areas.  

According to the CEO of Easton-Bell, the product should be available for players to purchase by the fall of 2011.

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