Laws of the Road

           We travel on the highway several times a day along with millions of other drivers. Some drivers are cautious and respectful while others are reckless. It is important to know what your responsibilities are as a driver as well as ways to protect yourself from those who may not be as cautious on the road.
            South Carolina law follows a system called common law. Common law controls the operation of motor vehicles and motorcycles. These laws require that drivers use the roadways with due care, which is the degree of care that a rational and reasonable person would exercise in a similar place and time. This includes being aware of other drivers and pedestrians and keeping the vehicle under proper control.
            It is also the responsibility of every driver and pedestrian to use ordinary care to protect them and to protect others. One should be cautious and take care to avoid placing anyone in danger and to avoid actions that may cause an auto or motorcycle accident. Drivers should also inspect, maintain, and repair their vehicles to continue to protect themselves and others on the roadways according to South Carolina Common Law.
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