Jury Decides Toyota Must Pay Victims in 2006 Crash

This week a jury decided that Toyota must pay $11 million to the victims of a fatal 2006 crash.

The jury decided that the driver of the Toyota was 40% at fault and Toyota held 60% of the responsibility. The car that was hit in the wreck had 3 deaths and 2 were injured. 

Koua Fong Lee was driving a Toyota Camry when his car ran into the back of another vehicle. Lee claimed that it was the car's fault but was sentenced to jail for vehicular homicide for those that died. He remained in jail for two and a half years until many claims about a defect in Toyota Camrys surged in the news. Prosecutors decided against a retrial and Lee was set free.

Toyota maintained that Lee was unfimiliar with cars and mistakenly pressed the gas instead of his brakes. Lee insisted from the beginning he had no control over the acceleration and his attorneys claimed it was the vehicle's fault as well.

The jury ultimately decided that there was a defect in the Camry and that it was unreasonably dangerous and contributed to the plaintiff's injuries. 


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