Children Hurt in Auto Accidents

There are times when we as drivers are expected to be intensely aware of our surroundings. One of these times is when we pass through an area where children are expected to be in or near the roadway. That is why the legal speed limit is the lowest around school zones. 

Children obviously do not see danger and consequences like adults.  Their very nature is to act impulsively and irresponsibly.  When children are expected to be in areas where we drive our vehicles, it is our duty to practice extreme care under those circumstances to protect their safety. The law does not make drivers responsible for any and all injuries that occur to a child when he or she acts impulsively. The law does require however, that a driver exercise extreme caution where children may be, and are expected to be, located.  If you are around a nursery, a school, a school bus, or see children near a street or road, you must slow down to a speed that would allow you to appropriately respond to a child’s actions.

Over the past 30 years, we have represented children who have been injured while riding bikes, walking beside the road, and passengers in vehicles due to the recklessness of others who failed to drive in a careful manner. Dirk J. Derrick of The Derrick Law Firm has 30 years experience in helping families recover from the devastating consequences of other people’s recklessness. Please call 843-248-7486 to speak to Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney, Dirk J. Derrick, if your family needs help.

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