Boating Tips During Summer Storms

Visitors and residents of Horry County enjoy our many waterways during the summer months. However, one thing that can catch even an experienced boater off guard is a summer storm. Lightening is very dangerous on the water, and summer storms typically produce lots of lightening. Below are a few safety tips to protect yourself and your loved ones if you find yourselves in the midst of a summer lightening storm.

1.) Don't wait until it's too late. Get off the water as quickly and safely as possible if you see an approaching storm.
2.) Inside is best. The best place to go if possible is inside any cabin on the boat. However, steer clear of masts, chainplates, or large metal appliances like refrigerators.
3.) Keep away from metal. If there is not a place to go and you are forced to stay on deck, stay away from metal railings, wheels, or any other metal fittings.
4.) If you are on an open boat, stay low and in the center. Depending on how bad the lightening is, you may want to remove any jewelry in order to keep from being a "lightening rod".
5.) Stay out of the water; also don't fish or put your feet in the water.
6.) Disconnect the power and antenna that leads to your electronics to keep them from being hit.
7.) Lower antennas. If they are not part of a lightening protection system it is best to lower them.

Finally, if your boat or occupants are struck by lightening here are some helpful tips.

1.) Check people first
2.) Check the bilge. Strikes can can rupture through hull-fittings and punch holes in the hull
3.) Check electronics and compass

It is important for everyone to be safe while enjoying the water this summer. Keep these tips in mind the next time you and your family venture out onto the water.

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