Anderson County School District 5 will begin requiring students who want to park on either of their high school campuses to complete a safe driving course known as "Alive at 25". According to the school district, any student who wishes to drive on either of their high school campuses must complete the driving program before purchasing the $12 parking sticker.

The 4 and 1/2 hour program is taught by former South Carolina Highway Patrol officers, and teaches students about the dangers of speeding, using a cell phone while driving, and driving while intoxicated, as well as how to drive defensively. The "Alive at 25" website says that recent studies suggest teen driving accidents account for up to 44% of all teen deaths, making it the leading cause of teenage deaths in the United States. The site also states that another leading factor in teenage driving accidents is the influence of drugs and alcohol. So, the goal for this program is to teach teens and young adults to drive safely.

The school district says that several sessions of the course will be offered, with the first one starting this summer. Anderson school districts 1, 2, and 4 also require students to pass the "Alive at 25" program in order to drive and park on their campuses. This program can be an effective way to lower the instances of teenage accidents by providing the students with the education they need to make responsible choices. 

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