Premises Liability From Myrtle Beach Pot Hole Case Result

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our premises liability client sustained severe injuries after falling in a pot hole in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Our client was exiting the hotel where she was staying and stepped in a hole, making her trip and fall over broken, uneven concrete. This “pot hole” was in front of the entrance of the resort.
After the fall, our client laid on the ground and was unable to get up. Upon arrival to Conway Medical Center, our client complained of leg, knee and ankle pain. She was diagnosed with right elbow and left knee abrasions as well as swelling and pain upon movement and when standing.  She was advice to follow up with her primary care physician within one week.
Six days later, our client was back home in North Carolina and was seen by her doctor. After undergoing more x-rays, an ulnar fracture was suspected and for the next several months she treated with primary care physician regarding her foot, ankle and wrist pain. Her primary care doctor then referred her to a foot specialist because of the continual and lingering pain and symptoms experienced. It was then that our client underwent foot and ankle surgery to repair a torn tendon. For over a year, our client had to walk with crutches, then a walker, and a knee immobilizer. 

The Derrick Law Firm investigated the scene of the accident as well as the building codes and found a direct violation of the industry standards. Our team obtained pictures that illustrate not only a dangerous area and code violations but the resort’s decision to park a golf cart on the walkway so that patrons would have to walk off the sidewalk, into the roadway and thus into the pot hole, culminates into recklessness and utter disregard for the safety of its patrons. Personal injury lawyer Dirk Derrick thoroughly evaluated this case to give our client the best outcome and demanded the full policy limits of the insurance that was available.

 Our Premises Liability client settled this case for $190,000. 

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